About Brenna 

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Well, let's keep it real shall we? Brenna doesn't always have abs- but she's really good at getting them. Her passion is to help people find a sustainable training routine and to develop a healthy relationship with food. 

She was born in Alaska, definitely crashed her car into a moose while attending culinary school, got a bachelor's degree in business management, became a Marine, and is currently a serial entrepreneur, running both Victoriam Performance and her mastermind group, The Level Up Project, amongst other endeavors. 

Brenna's obsession with fitness began with a love of running- mainly because there were no gyms in the rural north, and bears are fast. While in the service, she developed the style of training that she now follows, and which she used to create these bestselling training programs.

Brenna earned multiple awards while working as an elite trainer at a high-end fitness club in Orange County, California, before stepping out to run her businesses full time. 

Brenna is obsessed with entrepreneurship, personal growth and success. If you have a dream that you're working on building and have questions on where to start, she would love to help! 

Brenna is a dedicated donut fiend, who currently lives in Texas and thinks that the bugs there are the size of cats. She also hated the ending to Game of Thrones., and is addicted to How I Met Your Mother and anything Rachel Hollis says. 

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