Personal Training 

At Victoriam Performance, my goal is to find a fitness solution that fits your goals, your schedule, your personality, AND your budget. 

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Hey Friend!

Here at Victoriam Performance we have a three-fold purpose:


My goal is to help you reach yours. 

Regardless of your level of experience, current fitness situation, schedule, access (or lack of) to equipment, we can design a custom program that works for you.


My primary priority when it comes to nutrition is to help you let go of old habits, learn new, non-restrictive ones, and reach your goals while still enjoying life. 

Food should not be stressful!


Physical appearance is only the beginning of a healthy lifestyle. I want to help you learn to push your boundaries, know when to relax, set and achieve incredible goals, and lead a high quality life.

1 On 1 Personal Training
Work Directly With Me

(Currently closed- please check out either $1 subscription program below =) ) 

One on one training is always the route that I advise first if you are new to working out, have taken a long break, are recovering from an injury, or have very specific goals that require a highly customized approach to help you be successful!

  • Uniquely tailored programs, updated weekly
  • Designed for your specific goals, fitness level, available equipment and schedule
  • Video illustrated workouts, delivered to your phone
  • Progressions and adjustments around your schedule
  • Custom macros and nutrition education
  • Unlimited email and messaging access with fast response
  • Weekly check ins
  • Custom programs, custom pricing (Ranges from $97-187 monthly, fill out the form for a quote =) )

Honey Badger Hybrid Training
Train for $1 a Day

Honey Badger Hybrid training is an ongoing, daily program of all of my own workouts that I create for myself. Train exactly how I train. 

I believe in building a physique by increasing functionality. We go farther, we move faster, and we show up strong. 

  • Fresh workouts, updated weekly
  • Strength, Cardio && HIIT workouts
  • Detailed notes on timing, progressions, form and substitutions
  • All exercises fully video illustrated
  • Unlimited email and messaging support
  • Instant access at checkout
  • $31/month
  • No commitments!

Home Grown Hybrid Training
No Gym? No Problem. Still $1.

Honey Badgers are adaptable. We figure it out no matter what. In this do-anywhere program, you'll find simple, to-the-point workouts that require only the most basic equipment. (Or none at all!)

  • Fresh workouts, updated weekly
  • Combination of full body, body-part split, strength and endurance training
  • Recommended: 2 sets of dumbbells, mat, resistance bands, glute bands (If you don't have these, it's okay! Substitutions are written in)
  • $31/monthly- Only $1 per day!
  • Unlimited email and messaging support 
  • Video illustrated workouts delivered to your phone
  • Detailed explanations and substitution options
  • Instant access at checkout
  • No commitments!
  • For any fitness level!

My Promise to You:

I have your back. 

Not only when it comes to fitness and nutrition, but in helping you to use the momentum you will gain from achieving goals we set together to springboard success into other areas of your life. 

No matter how many times you have stopped, started over and had "day ones", you can achieve success. More than you can even imagine right now. 

I will hold you accountable. I will be available for you. I will strive to the utmost of my ability to set the example for you. 

I named my company Victoriam because it means "Victor, I am". 

It's a choice you make before you set foot in the gym.

Choose to win. I'll help.

Brenna Fox



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