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Fitness Model

Do you want to become a fitness model? With our guide you will learn everything about the requirements, the structure and the fitness model agencies. Are you in good shape? Do you love the camera? If you are fully committed to physical fitness and a healthy lifestyle, then you have what it takes to become a fitness model!

Do you like to be in shape and have dedicated your life to fitness? Then become a fitness model!
(Fitness Model is an increasingly popular and competitive profession. Fitness models are in high demand on social media, in magazines, and even in television commercials. The high demand makes this area of the modeling industry rewarding and lucrative. Especially if you have a passion for fitness in your life. But just being in good shape and taking photos while working out is not enough. You need to be able to stand out from the crowd and come forward in the best light. Do you want to know how to become a professional fitness model? Do you need to have certain model measurements? Your attitude towards a healthy lifestyle and the corresponding physique is already a start. The rest of the requirements and tips will be explained in detail in this article. You will be informed in detail about the requirements, the cooperation with fitness model agencies, the model sedcard and about possible jobs as a fitness model.

Misunderstanding clarified in advance

Many individuals think that a fitness model should have a lot of muscles and preferably work as a bodybuilder on a daily basis. In reality, however, it looks quite different. Most fitness models are certainly well trained and in shape, but not in an exaggerated sense. The physique is healthy and natural and not in an extreme way just littered with muscles. So forget that stereotype real quick and don’t let it scare you away. You don’t need to be a bodybuilder to become a professional fitness model!

You don’t need to be a bodybuilder to become a professional fitness model!

Requirements for Fitness Models

Eating healthy, working out daily and having an athletic physique are the most important requirements for a fitness model. Most agencies are looking for fitness models who are slim, fit and have a defined muscle build. Your height should not be less than 1.72m if you are a woman and if you are a man you should be a little taller than 1.80m. You can earn extra points with a beautiful skin, shiny hair and a beautiful smile. Many agencies are looking for fitness models with a look that appeals to a wide audience. With such a look you will be much easier to book. If you want to get noticed by agencies and get model jobs, you should not forget a steady upright posture. You can find everything about body confidence and body language in our model guide.

Ranking of the Top Fitness Models

To give you a better idea of how an ideal fitness model should look and act, we have compiled a list of the top 4 fitness models:

Top Female Fitness Models

Jennifer Nicole Lee: She is known by the model name JNL and is probably one of the most successful female fitness models in the industry. She has graced numerous covers of fitness magazines, calendars and advertisements. She has also appeared in various workout books and DVDs. Her backstory is impressive. After the birth of her second child, she weighed about 91 kg and managed to lose 31 kg, after which she won the Miss Bikini America contest.

Michelle Lewin: The former nurse became the top female fitness model. Lewin is from Venezuela and has 14 million followers on Insta. With her strong, healthy physique and gorgeous looks, Lewin has partnered with various brands and health companies. Commercial shoots for exercise equipment and supplements are also a part of her career.

Fitness Model

Top male fitness models

Lazar Angelov: He started bodybuilding when he was in the army and then played basketball professionally for 10 years. After this time, he started his career as a male fitness model. His abs are enviable and his athletic looks have earned him many advertising contracts and circulation. Now 32 years old, the professional fitness trainer works a lot to maintain his toned physique.
Simeon Panda: He started working out with dumbbells early at home during high school and quickly became addicted to fitness training. Simeon has participated in numerous fitness competitions and has been in model campaigns for major fitness brands. He also owns the sportswear company of the same name “Simeon Panda”.

Male fitness models are usually envied for their abs and defined upper arms.

Fitness Model

Fitness Model Sedcard

A well-crafted model sedcard can make or break your career as a fitness model. So it must be good! Agencies are looking for fitness models who can be photographed very well and know how to use the body properly for it. So you need photos that prove that. We explain how you can create an appealing model portfolio – preferably contemporary and online!

Online Model Portfolio

It’s best to choose a professional photographer for a basic shooting. You can get that for 100-200 Euros. Then choose an online portfolio like pixolum with a fresh and contemporary design, preferably with a link to your professional Instagram profile. If you also market products over time, you can also set up your own webshop and link it. That way, you’re sure to generate even more sales. A good web designer will make it easy for you to customize the features in your website with just a few clicks and without much programming. Need some inspiration? Check out the following online portfolios of other models to get a feel for what your homepage should look like:

  • Jessie Andrews
  • Anja Zeidler
  • Karlie Kloss
  • Kayla Arianne

Create your Professional Model Portfolio right here!

If you are talented and want to create your own homepage as a fitness model, you can of course do it that way. We have listed the following inexpensive providers for you:

  • Jimdo
  • Weblica
  • Wix

Create professional and expressive photos of yourself for your online portfolio.

Learn your poses as a fitness model

To become a successful fitness model, or a successful model in general, you need to master the right poses. At first, posing in front of photographers may seem a bit unnatural. But there are so many different poses, there will certainly be something for you, with which you will feel comfortable. You can practice the right pose for you on the mirror. Don’t be afraid to try several poses so that you can find out which one suits you best. For inspiration, look at photos of other fitness models to see what poses they use.

Fitness Model

Work with a Fitness Model Photographer

Fitness model photographers have the training and expertise to make you look good as a fitness model. Choose a photographer (such as a portrait photographer on pixolum) who has proven experience photographing fitness models and athletes. Many photographers also have contacts in the industry that could get you model jobs at best. If you are not in the financial position to book a professional fitness photographer, you should try a TFP shoot. TFP means time for print. Instead of working for cash, you work with the photographer for photo prints. This benefits both parties with good shots that can be used. In general, you can expect higher quality from a paid shoot than from a TFP shoot.

Let a photographer take pictures of you during training

Focus on your uniqueness
There are already a lot of fitness models in the industry. It is important that you stand out by focusing on unique features of yourself. This can be a special background story, like that of Jennifer Nicole Lee. Think about what sets you apart from other fitness models and focus on that aspect. For example, a compelling backstory can help you get more opportunities as a fitness model. Building your identity as a brand is quite advisable to maintain your online portfolio. Fitness model agencies will also find you more attractive if you can market yourself accordingly.

Draw attention to yourself with your unique features.

Now that you’ve created your online portfolio, it’s time to get your first model job. The following options are open to you:

1 Contact fitness model agencies with your portfolio
Model agencies are always looking for new talent. Especially in the emerging world of fitness this is the case. Sign up directly for castings! If the agency is convinced by your portfolio, you will be able to sign a contract and get to various model jobs through the agency. Even smaller jobs can lead to bigger projects.

2 Participate in model contests
To attract the attention of model scouts, you should participate in various fitness model contests. Search the internet to see if there are any local or even national contests in your area and sign up. Even if you don’t win the contest, you can still draw more attention to yourself and your brand as a fitness model. Also, use the contests to practice on your poses and get a feel for this industry.

3 Be present on social media
Nowadays, agencies and companies are working more and more with social media to find new talent. In some cases, they also run photo contests where you can submit your best photos and let other people on social media vote on them. Try to be present on social media to increase your visibility as a fitness model!