3 popular fitness goals

fitness goal

The first step to successful training is setting personal goals. Whether it’s losing weight or running a marathon, we present three possible goals and how you can achieve them. Goal 1: Running a marathon Preparation:The first step towards 42km triumph is a realistic training plan and time frame – allow anywhere from 12 to 20 […]

How to determine and optimize your fitness age with fitness trackers

fitness trackers

It is not the number of your birthdays that is decisive for a long, healthy life, but your fitness age. Regular training and a balanced diet are the only true fountain of youth, as an American study has now shown once again. There are a handful of fitness trackers that can help you track your […]

Fitness app Strava wins in Peloton competition with gyms

Fitness app strava

More than 400 hardware devices can connect to Strava, including gym and fitness equipment, smartwatches and bike computers, and the company says it has uploaded more than 1.1 billion activities to its platform over the past year. Strava When this year’s Tour de France left the city of Brest on June 26th, most of the […]

Little time? The training plan for busy people

training plan

The internet is full of gym-focused diet plans and exercise programs for muscle building. Complicated and time-consuming workouts are far from practical. Ultimately, this leads to less success in many cases. If you don’t post your daily meals and personal records on Facebook or Instagram, and have real and unpredictable commitments, you’ve come to the […]

Fitbit Luxe review

Fitbit Luxe

Fitbit Luxe is the US company’s first fitness tracker with a colored OLED display – at least if you don’t count Versa and Sense as fitness trackers but as smartwatches. And I took a close look at those Fitbit Luxe for you. The results can be read here in the Fitbit Luxe review. Unpacking For […]