Fitness for busy people

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Fitness for busy people

That’s the thing about sports. Exercise is good for us, we all know that. And yet real sports canons are rather a rarity. Because most of us have a busy schedule and simply no time for extensive jogging rounds through the park, relaxed yoga weekends in southern France, squash tournaments and regular gymnastics in front of the mirror in the gym. So far so lazy…

Sports: Every minute counts

But now a study is lighting up the buttocks of all busy people who don’t like sports: Taiwanese scientists discovered that just 15 minutes of exercise a day can prolong life by three years. three years! What can be done in that time!

Therefore, as of today, when it comes to fitness, every minute counts. Incidentally, it doesn’t matter whether you complete the quarter of an hour a day or exercise longer in one go once a week. It is important to get moving at all. Researchers Chi Pang Wen and Jackson Pfui Man also found that increasing your daily exercise routine to 30 minutes reduces your risk of premature death by another four percent.

So what to do now?

Cancel all appointments after work and rather run for your life in the park or go jogging? No, don’t worry, you don’t have to mutate into a sports freak right away. Even if every kind of “real” sporting activity makes sense. But even small everyday activities are mini workouts and bring our fitness minute account into the plus in no time at all. Climbing stairs, cleaning, dancing – if you take every opportunity, you can easily get the recommended 15 minutes of exercise a day. Only one question remains: what are you waiting for?

Get fit at the same time

Early start allowed!
They say, “I just don’t have time to exercise!” We say: “Not true.” And recommend a swim morning club for anyone with a busy schedule. Most indoor swimming pools open their doors from six in the morning. Swimming / Calories burned per 15 minutes: 150

Simply childish!

As children we were constantly in action, moving without realizing it. Why? Because we had fun! That’s why we’re going to buy a pair of roller skates and use them to get into top shape. Dirty weather alternative: a few jagged rounds of hula hoop! Roller skating / calories burned per 15 minutes: 126

Completely off the roll

As of today, in department stores, in train stations and in the office, there is only one important basic rule: the escalator is your enemy. Take advantage of every real step that comes your way. You pay a lot of money in the gym for such a leg and butt workout! Climbing stairs / calories burned per 15 minutes: 121

Every step counts

It’s very easy: you get off the bus one station earlier. You take a detour to the supermarket. Or just walk around the block during your lunch break. Her walking mantra: Every step makes you fit! Walking / calories burned per 15 minutes: 116

Fit night shift

When was the last time you danced extensively? In the days of Studio 54? Then it’s high time for a disco night! Grab your husband, your best friend or work colleagues and turn night into day again. Dancing / Calories burned per 15 minutes: 100

Fitness for busy people

Off to the housework

Cleaning lady was yesterday, from today we swing the feather duster ourselves again! Because: If you carry out the typical cleaning movements (e.g. sweeping, vacuuming, window cleaning) with energy and strength, housework is a real full-body workout. Cleaning / Calories burned per 15 minutes: 70.