Strength training and nutrition for women: tips from the experts

nutrition for women

Lift weights in the gym and then bite into a greasy pizza – or eat nothing at all? You can do it, but it doesn’t help! Exercising and eating healthy go hand in hand. One works without the other, but is only half as effective. If you want to build muscle, tone your body or […]

Preparation of a bikini athlete

athletes competing

Women’s bodybuilding competitions have evolved a lot over the years. It all started with a few women’s categories, but today the panorama of women’s bodybuilding competitions extends to competitions such as bodybuilding, fitness, body fitness, figure and bikini categories. In every competition, amateur or professional, the number of athletes competing has grown exponentially and the […]

Younger and slimmer by abstaining from alcohol: when does it work?

abstaining from alcohol

When we want to relax, we drink – the first glass of Aperol Spritz and the holiday can begin; if something good happens, we drink – champagne is a toast to promotions, marriages, reunions; when something bad happens, we drink – the best friend and a bottle of wine often seems to be the only […]